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Guidelines for participants

Published onSep 16, 2016
Guidelines for participants

Since is still in development, it’s usage changes constantly. With this Pub we will keep you up to date on how to edit and publish your texts for Re:Visions. Also feel free to ask us any question about using pubpub by leaving a comment.

…how do I publish?

On, you can register and publish any text you want in a few steps. If you would like to publish an article in the first volume of Re: Visions, we kindly ask you to use your real name (comments from aliases are accepted). Click on your user icon in the top right corner and select “Create New”. Choose “Document” and click on “Create New”. Now, a new file called “New Document” will appear below. Click “Go to full editor”, copy your text into the space beneath the documents information and do your visual adjustments or add media and further information by using the options below the dark main menu (a manual for further explanation is in progress). The name of the document can be changed by clicking “Edit Metadata”. When you’re done, select “Save Version”. You can save as many versions as you want. By selecting “Publish on Save” the version you're currently working on will be made publicly available. The newest version will always be shown by default, however, older ones will still be accessible in the document information.

A list of all your articles – published or unpublished – can be found on your user profile under “Featured” (left column). There you can also find the “edit”-button for later additions.

…how do I comment?

Just write your thoughts in the comment box next to the pub you want to comment on. For inline commenting, mark a passage and click on “Add comment”.

Don’t get confused. Your comment will be shown as a standalone pub in your user profile, so comments can also be edited after publishing, the same way you edit your Pubs.

…how do I get my publication to be featured in Re: Visions?

After you have published your article, “View” or “Edit” your pub, then select “Manage Journals” next to the date of publishing. Search for “Re: Visions” in the search bar and “Submit To Journals”. After your publication has been verified by one of our editors, it’ll be assigned to the respective collection.

…which citation style should I use?

Pubpub has its own citation feature. Placing the cursor behind the passage you want to be cited without marking it, select “insert” in the editing menu and then “Add new –> Reference”. Click “Create New” and type in all the information. Save the version and close the editor by using the buttons in the top right corner. WARNING: Don't use the "Details" etc. for now, or else your progress will be lost.

Please only choose “Cite” as the citation method. The source of reference will then be shown in a pop-up window when hovering over the number behind the cited passage.

Once a reference is added, it will be saved to your profile, so later on you can simply choose off of them.

…how do I ask someone to read and comment on my pub?

By adding the specific user as a contributor to your pub (“Contributors” in the editing window) and select “Reader” as their role, your pub will show up on their profile, waiting to be read. Or, simply point others to the URL of the pub or Re: Visions (

Cezar Constantinescu:

I would like to create a Pub in “Culture and Society in East Asia” but at the moment (July 2018) it’s only possible to add to the collection “Working Papers in Game Studies”. Why the restriction?

Martin Roth:

Until further notice: Please change the document ID to something readable BEFORE you publish your pub in order to get a nice URL.